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We provide teachers with exceptional resources to help students achieve great success in math.

Helping Teachers

We are committed to helping you teach effectively and with confidence. Whether you are teaching in a classroom or online, we have the resources you need.

Dynamic Math books for your classroom and online

Our books are perfect for teaching in the classroom or teaching online.  Here are some of the key benefits that teachers love about our books.

  • 100% curriculum aligned by province
  • Complete instructions and guided examples for each topic
  • Each chapter/unit has a full test for students to self-assess
  • Complete answer key
  • Coil binding allows book to lay flat on a student's desk
  • Use the book to teach online through our Teacher Portal (details below).

View Samples:
To view samples of our books, please select your province/region from the dropdown.  Samples will load in a new tab/window.

Online Math Platform for your classroom

Through our Online Platform, we provide supporting math videos for grades 4 through 10 (with grades 11 and 12 coming soon).  These videos are over-the-shoulder whiteboard style videos that walk the student through solving math problems.  Here's how students are benefitting from our videos.

  • When students get stuck, watching a video gives them the knowledge and confidence to solve similar problems on their own
  • Students love how easy it is to find the video they need because the videos are directly aligned with the units/chapters and topics in the book
  • Full 24/7 access to the videos means they can get help whenever they need it.  It's like having a tutor on standby. 
  • Students have access to all grades, so they can easily review past content or excel beyond their current grade level.

Video Samples:
The best way to see the videos is by registering for a free trial of our Online Platform.  This will allow you to experience the videos within our learning centre which showcases the ease of use for students.  Click the button below to register for a free trial (opens in new tab).

Register for the free trial

The Online Teacher Portal

Teachers can access great tools and resources through the Teacher Portal.  This add-on is available to teachers who purchase a class set of books (minimum 10 books).

Key benefits

  • Access to a digital flipbook version that you can use to display to your class with a projector or smartboard
  • Save huge time with access to extra tests for each unit/chapter in the book
  • Worksheet bundles with answer keys
  • Use the flipbook or Google Slides version (coming soon) to teach students online
  • Instant access to all new resources as they are added.  Some resources that are coming soon are:  Google slides version of the book, additional worksheets and more.

Digital Flipbook

One of the biggest benefits of the teacher portal, is access to our digital flipbook.  Here's how the flipbook can help you in your classroom.

  • When teaching your students a new topic, project the flipbook onto a screen or smartboard so the whole class can easily follow along.
  • Display any questions/exercises or unit tests in front of the class to use as an assessment tool without worrying about them flipping to the back of their book for the answers.
  • If projecting onto a whiteboard or using a smartboard, you can "write" on the pages to demonstrate how to solve questions for the whole class to see.

What does the flipbook look like?
If you scroll up and select to view samples of our books, then you'll see our flipbooks in action because our samples are shown as flipbooks.

Extra Tests, Worksheets & More

We know your job is hard (we've been in your shoes), so we are continually working to create resources that save you time and help you teach with confidence.

  • You will have access to extra tests for each chapter/unit in the book.  This is a huge time saver.
  • Access worksheets for students that struggle in some of the fundamental areas of math.
  • Looking to challenge your students with some discovery-style problems?  We have those too!

New content being added regularly
You will always have instant access to any new content we add to the Teacher Portal.

How to order your resources

Ordering info is on our pricing page where we provide details on discount pricing for teachers and schools.

Have questions, or looking to discuss options for your classroom or school? 
Our contact information is just below.

Contact Us

We would love to discuss your specific needs for resources.  Please reach out with any questions, or to receive a custom quote.  We look forward to hearing from you.


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